Paying high fees and not getting results?

Not receiving any regular updates communication or strategy meetings?

Feel like your super is wasting away when it should be growing?

Do you keep hearing about your friends super doing well while yours is going backwards?

Does your strategy provide you with the best possible growth potential?

Does your strategy protect you from falls in the market?

Do you have multiple super accounts to consolidate?

Needing insurance in you super?

Wanting to know when and how you can access your super?

Take action today by contacting us and taking control of your retirement. Whether you have an industry fund, defined benefit fund, a regular retail super fund or an SMSF, we can help.

At Sapient Financial you are not treated like a number as you are at the big super funds. All clients deal directly with the founders of the business, ensuring they receive the very best levels of advice and service.

At Sapient we believe in a winning by not losing. Our investment philosophy limits downside losses to always keep your asset base safe and provide for greater compound growth and a smoother ride for investors. We protect our portfolio by taking out insurance over our position that allows us to sell our shares at any time at the level we bought in at, ensuring your portfolio never loses money again when the market falls. This investment philosophy instills confidence necessary to stay focused in strong and weak markets.

We review your insurance needs with you to ensure that you and your family have the adequate protection at all times, and at the most competitive rates. Because we are independent, we are not aligned to any insurance providers and are in a position to shop around for the best possible rate.

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