specialist investments

Sapient tailors a range of specialist investments to take advantage of opportunities we see in the global market.

These specialist investments can be used by investors to balance their portfolios by delivering diversified exposures from a minimal initial outlay. Please contact us to receive general product advice and discuss any of these possibilities so you can determine if they can work for you and your portfolio. Investments are in listed securities on global exchanges, ensuring transparent pricing, tracking and regulation.

Growth Strategies for foreign markets

Investors may want to maximise exposure to foreign markets with a minimal outlay and we can provide these trade structuring capabilities through our strategic alliances. We can deliver exposure to foreign market indices, baskets of shares, commodities and ETF’s.

Examples of investments might include exposure to S&P500 (top 500 companies in the US), Nasdaq100 (top 100 companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market in the US, Gold, or Oil to name a few.

These investments can structured for all equity markets depending on investors requests.

Growth Strategies for domestic markets

For investors wanting to maximize exposure to domestic markets, we can deliver exposure to market indices such as the ASX200, or sector specific indicies such as the ASX200 Metals and Mining Index, as well as baskets of selected shares.

As per the example above these exposures require a minimal upfront outlay, and can be structured for a timeframe that suits the investor depending on their view of the market.

Cash Generating Strategies

Depending on the requirements of investor’s portfolios we develop ungeared investments that deliver investors a fixed income return on a regular basis. Such investments may be used to fund retirement by delivering a stable income stream or may be used when investors choose not to be exposed to the market such as in times of volatility or falling markets.