cash & term deposits

An important step in designing investment portfolios and managing investor’s wealth is to have a plan for cash flow and liquidity, and at Sapient we provide access to highly specialized cash management services to meet every client’s needs. 

Our cash management solution gives clients access to term deposits and at call accounts from every major financial institution (over 20), all from one central account. At Sapient your advisor is able to consult with you and move money between all major bank's term deposits to achieve the best possible return for you. 

Benefits of Sapient Money Market

  • Live access to term deposits and cash accounts from over 20 banks and credit unions.
  • Open one account with Sapient Money Market and have access to 20 institutions.
  • Simple switching of funds between accounts at maturity to maximize returns at the account with the best rate at the time.
  • No time delay as there is same day transfer of funds from maturing deposits into new deposits.
  • Wholesale term deposit rates are displayed in one place allowing investors to easily compare rates at a glance, allowing certainty of earnings and savings.
  • Get access to the bonus rates from all banks with high interest savings offerings and roll between the honeymoon rates.
  • Full financial transaction history at year end without any transaction fees.
  • Ability to split funds between different accounts so that all amounts in each account up to $250,000 are covered by the bank guarantee, i.e. investors could split $1 million between 4 accounts so that the entire amount is government guaranteed.

For example you may have funds in a cash account while you are waiting to enter the market or make a property or business purchase, and as such do not want to commit to term deposits any longer than 3 months. Different banks will offer better rates at certain times and instead of achieving the normal low return in you cash account, your advisor is able to move these funds between term deposits depending on who has the best rates at the time. 

How does it work?

Investors complete one application form and this gives them access to a range of term deposits and cash accounts at over 20 institutions. When you complete the application you nominate your bank account that you invest from and at maturity of the term deposits funds will flow back into this bank account.

This investing bank account will likely be your bank account that is linked to your share trading account which gives you the flexibility to invest the cash while you are waiting for opportunities in the market. 

What happens at maturity?

At maturity we will contact you with a range of options to determine what you would like to do next with your money. By default the funds will be returned to you cash management account and your advisor will be able to provide you with a range of options on where you can obtain the best rate. You do not need to complete any more forms after the initial application.

Who gives the instructions?

All investments into any term deposit are discussed with your investment advisor and they then make this allocation to the chosen term deposit. No investment into any term deposit is ever made without the investor’s authorisation.

Is my money safe?

YES. Your funds are covered by the terms of the government guarantee so you can be sure your money is safe. Funds are always invested in your chosen name and Sapient Money Market only has the authority to move funds between approved institutions based solely on your instructions.

Will I receive a confirmation the allocation has been made?

Yes. Every time an allocation is made to any term deposit you will receive an email notification to confirm that the allocation has been made.

Can I break a term deposit early?

Yes. You money is never locked away and you always have the option to break a term deposit early should you require funds. Should you break a term deposit you may forego interest earned and any break costs are notified before breaking the term deposit.